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Welcome to my blog. Just so we can be upfront with each other, I’m pretty much the worst blogger ever. So I’m starting fresh and we will see how this goes.

I created this blog “SewLulu” because I wanted a place to share all the little random things I make from time to time. Some of my projects are small and silly. Sometimes they are big and meaningful….SOMETIMES they are small and meaningful. See where I’m going with this?

I’ve been sewing for about two and half years. I taught myself and I’m no professional by any means. I have two sewing machines. One is a basic Brother sewing machine that I do most of my sewing on, and the other is a Brother embroidery/sewing machine, that I’ve never actually used for sewing and I basically always use it for embroidery. I’m still trying to figure all that out. For a beginner it’s a pretty confusing machine.

Now that you know that I’m a bad blogger and that I’m an amateur seamstress, you can follow me on here and see how average I am! 😉


PS: I really wanted to add a couple pictures here…but uh…can’t figure that out, so pretend, okay? =)