I have a, now, six year old (where the hell does time go?) son. His name is Riley. He’s pretty much the cutest. Fam ppAm I right? (Do you live in my area? Are you interested in using EJB Productions for a wedding, family photos, or newborn photoshoot? Click here for more information!) I’ve pretty much been sewing since Riley can remember. I’ve made him a batman cape and some other little things. But one of my favorites is the pajamas I made him. They’re adorable. Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.05.57 PMWho doesn’t love stuff with mustaches? I know I do! Anyway, with all my sewing, he took an interest! And I couldn’t help but let him help me! He may be a boy, but he’s more than welcome to participate in any activity he wants. Plus, there’s only so much you can do indoors in the winter. Sewing is perfect! unnamed2He even whistles while he works!! Helps get the job done! He loves my embroidery machine. Because….who doesn’t love one? And he wanted to make his dad and me shirts with our names. He cut and embroidered basically all by himself. He was SO PROUD. unnamed3 unnamed4Hard at work…Proud Parents! This was all just before Christmas…little did he know that his super awesome Mom was going to get him his VERY OWN sewing machine. Unfortunately his super awesome Mom wasn’t aware that boys just don’t think it’s cool to get a sewing machine for Christmas, so he wasn’t too thrilled with the gift. BUT once I got it all set up, he was more than ready to put that thing to good use. So who wins? Thats right friends. Mom wins. Like moms do. unnamed5Look how cute that machine is!! I don’t know who wanted it more, me or him. (Who am I kidding?? It was definitely me!) What you see above is a very proud little boy who had just sewn his first project. A travel pillow and blanket. He’s SIX. SIX people. Although that sounds too grown up to be my son, it’s pretty young for such talent! 😉 I wink, but that’s impressive. (Yes, I’m bragging. Again, like all moms….I brag. What of it?) Seewww thats how all that got started. He may never take up sewing as a hobby, but I’m more than willing to keep working with him on it whenever he wants! And maybe someday I’ll have a girl to share the hobby with too! Mandee