You know that one time, when you were like “Oh yeah, this will be easy!” as you read the tutorial for a project on Pinterest? Yeah me too. Then is your next memory “THIS TUTORIAL IS NOT EVEN GOOD!” and your crying and looking at a project that’s quickly turning into a failure? YEAH! ME TOO!!

I thought for Christmas this year I would make my brother this really nice travel bag I had found on Pinterest. It was sleek and modern looking and that suited my brother well. Plus he travels often enough that it really made sense. (I thought it would be a good idea to hand-make all my gifts for Christmas….HA!)

I would post the picture of what it is supposed to look like but I wouldn’t want to offend the  person who created the tutorial. Plus, maybe it wasn’t the tutorial that was too hard, maybe it was me who just wasn’t good enough yet. HOWEVER, I bought all the supplies I needed. The fabrics were perfect. I had to buy fusible webbing, which I hadn’t even worked with before so that was new, but I didn’t figure that could be too hard to figure out….it really wasn’t….except I attached the web to my iron at first and had to figure how to get adhesive off my iron….but moving on…

The thing about this awesome bag I found was that it included a zipper. No big deal right?? I’d read and watched videos about zippers before, it couldn’t possibly be THAT hard. WRONG.

I hadn’t realized that to sew a zipper on, you really needed to use a zipper-foot. In fact, I didn’t really even know that those existed. I told you I’m no pro. I still consider myself quite the beginner. So I grabbed my trusty sewing machine manual and got to figuring it out. Once I had the foot on and knew what I was doing I pieced together my fabrics and started pinning.

I’m standing there looking at the tutorial, looking at my pieces. Looking at the tutorial. Looking at my zipper, look at my pins, look at the tutorial. “THIS IS NOT MAKING SENSE!” The tutorial lady had a double sided zipper…mine was not double sided. The instructions did not call for a a double sided zipper. Reversible zipper? Dual zipper? You know what I mean. It’s not what I bought. I pinned according to her directions anyway and ignored the fact that my zipper did not go both ways.

It went pretty smoothly from there…I got the whole thing pinned, I sewed it on with my zipper foot, no catches, no seam ripping. Honestly it looked pretty flipping good! But…but…wait…what? WHAT? This isn’t right…this is backwards! The whole thing was reversed!!! Why? Because HERS had a double sided zipper. If mine had a double sided zipper, I wouldn’t have had this problem. She should have mentioned it! (Well…she should have!)

I shrugged it off and decided that my brother wasn’t going to care whether or not the inside was blue and the outside was tan or vice-versa. Whatever. MOVING on.

I had to sew this thing with the zipper half unzipped so I could flip it. This bag was SO cool that it had the squared edges. Easy enough right? Makes it look profesh. NOPE. Not easy. Not even a little bit easy. I cried through this part, and finally yelled for my husband to come help me. “THIS TUTORIAL DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!!” I cried. UGH.

He read through…looked at me gently and explained the directions to me. What a sweet husband.

“Oooohhhhh.” I did it. It was still hard but I did it. Then I proceeded to flip the bag right side out and sew up the hole in the middle.

This thing doesn’t really look half-bad.

This is the reason why I try all these silly projects. Because even though it’s pretty rough and I think it’s going to be too hard. I always finish them (ha…well…most of the time.) And they usually come out pretty decent, and the person receiving is usually impressed.

Sew really…it’s not that hard after all.

Keep up your hard work, it’s totes worth it!

For those of you who wanted to see the bag, here is the best picture I could find! =)