Okay so I told you a few days ago I would try to do a tutorial on how I make my bibs! This is my first tutorial ever, so hopefully it makes sense to you!! I’ll do my best!

First thing you’re going to want to do is find a bib pattern that you like, or make one yourself. I made one myself, I basically just used printer paper and folded and cut and added and taped until I had a bib I liked. You’re going to want it to be symmetrical so make sure you fold it in half!

Next you’re going to line the folded edge of your fabric up with the folded edge of your bib pattern, like this.

Then trace around it and cut it out! Excited yet? You’ll then have something like this.
IMG_0175And you’ll want to iron out all the wrinkles.
Next do the same exact thing you just did but with a piece of flannel for the back. The reason you’ll want to use flannel is so that it will absorb moisture better than cotton.
IMG_0186Iron this one too!
Then you’re going to start putting it together! (BTW I embroidered a saying on the front of mine, so it’s not just plain throughout the tutorial anymore.)
Place the right sides facing each other.
IMG_0188And I usually iron over both pieces at this point, it makes them kind of stick together and then you don’t have to pin as much. If you’re new at this, I’d recommend pinning anyway.
Next you’re going to sew all the way around. Start at one point and then end about three inches from where you started leaving a hole so you can flip it inside out.
IMG_5124Like this!

Then you’re going to have to trim around the edges (unless you used a serger, if you have one of those, lucky you!!) Make sure not to trim too closely to the stitches!

On the inner edge (where it fits around the neck) you’re going to want to put little slits in it so it folds evenly when you flip it right side out.
IMG_5126Be sure not to clip your stitches!

Next you’re going to flip it!!
IMG_5128 And it’s gonna look all wonky because it needs ironed out. make sure you pull around the edges so it’s not crooked.And then iron over the whole thing except for where your opening is.
Then you’re going to fold in the little edges where your opening is so your raw edges don’t stick out!
And iron carefully over this to ensure that those raw edges stay folded under.
It’s starting to look so good!!
Now you’re going to sew around the edges, this is called a “top stitch.” It gives it a finished look! I chose stitch 27 on my machine.
And I sewed all the way around my edges.
IMG_5134 IMG_5135Pretty isn’t it?

You’re ALMOST finished!! You just have to add some velcro so it actually stays around the baby’s neck! I cut out small squares of velcro and then round off the pointy edges.
IMG_5137 Not perfect but not pointy, right?

Then you’re going to attach one piece to the front on one side…
And the other piece to the back on the other side…
And guess what?? YOU’RE DONE!!!
c s

You just made a beautiful bib!!

My final pictures didn’t come out beautifully…but I love the way it turned out! =)

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial as much as I did!