Sew….I got some new stuff and figured I would share it with you while I’m still working on my exciting blog post that’s coming soon!

I’m pretty excited about these new little treats becaaauuuusseee there’s a few little projects I want to try to do and they involve QUILTING…like really awesome quilting. Like the pretty kind of quilting. I’ve attempted quilting before but did NOT have enough knowledge, and basically just made myself crazy because I kept screwing up and didn’t know why or how to fix the issues…SOOOOOO (or should I have said “SEEWWW….?)….

Here are all my new things…aren’t they pretty??
Can you tell it’s my husband who is the photographer….because clearly I’m not! Hahaha!!

This, my friends, is basically what it looks like….a ruler…but it’s special because it is five inches wide rather than the average 1. It’s great for using with a rotary cutter to cut straight lines. It’s good for cutting quilt squares…and for anything a ruler is good for. Plus it’s wide so it’s easier to hold on to when you’re cutting…hence less mistakes…hopefully! =)
THIIIISS is basting spray, which I have not yet tried but I am SOO excited for it because it reduces the need for pinning…which I hate. However, this is more for things like quilts when you’re attaching wrong sides together, so you can’t really use it on something you need to turn right side out when you’re done stitching. I’ll let you know how much I love it after I try it, but I’m telling you right now, I already love it, and I haven’t even popped the cap off. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the last time I made a quilt I used quilting pins…and o.m.g. I hated them.
This is my new rotary cutter. My momma bought me a nice one a few years back; it still works but a part of it is broken, so it isn’t as steady as one would hope when trying to cut nice even lines. REALLY excited about this new tool too. I also think that the lady from “Missouri Star Quilt Co” uses this one or one similar…and I love her. You should totes check her out if you need a good tutorial to watch when you’re bored (Or maybe I’m just weird. It’s hard to say).

Little things like these are always a delight. If you remember I told you about the marker you see here. It’s water and air soluble (is that spelled right? Cause it looks wrong). Anyway, these are great for marking on fabric because the ink disappears! Woo hoo! You probably don’t need reminded again…but refrain from using the sharpie, for the love of all things sewn. It bleeds onto the correct side of your fabric and there’s no getting it out! It’s awful and you’ll regret it, I promise. The other is just thread, which you can’t get enough of…seriously. It always runs out at the worst times.
OMG. Okay. SO stoked for this beautiful new foot. It’s called a walking foot. These are designed to help feed layers of fabric through your machine easier. It’s great for quilting because those layers like to get bunched up and pucker and then make you cry later because you’re not about to seam rip 7 million stitches out to fix it…no that’s never happened to me, why do you ask? HA! Seriously though. That was another Christmas gift massacre. But it all turned out fine. So don’t stress about it too much! 😉 Anyway a walking foot has feed dogs built into it, like the feed dogs that are on the bottom of your machine that help feed the fabric through, so you get DOUBLE the feed when you use this foot. Sweet eh?
If you thought I was excited about the walking foot then you can’t see my face right now because I am beyond elated (yeah ELATED!!) to start using this beauty right here. This is called a “free motion quilting foot” or a “darning foot” or an “open toe quilting foot.” It has a lot of names because it’s so special (to me, anyway). This type of foot is designed for quilters so they can make all those pretty stitch designs in their quilts…and I CAN’T WAIT to use this. *Lets out screech*

So if you’re not excited now, go home, cause you’re drunk. These are some fantastic new tools! I will indeed be putting them to good use and can’t wait to experiment with all the ones that I am unfamiliar with, and I know that you’re stoked to see what I come up with too…am I right?

Well, Spring Break is calling my name and there is fun to be had and sewing to be done, so I’m going to be on my way now! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

It’s hump day!