I know that I’ve been passionate about sewing for awhile now. I know I love it. But only recently have I noticed how much I am REALLY into it. I dream about these things. So I figured I’d give you the top 5 reasons you know that you’re obsessed with sewing.

Number 5: You can’t wait to show off your project before it’s actually a project…like basically I get excited about what I’m making while the fabric is still freshly cut from the store. I then call my mom and say…”Okay, this is what I’m making, I’ll send you the link…but CHECK OUT THESE FABRICS” and she is either super excited with me…or she pretends well! Next I call her again about halfway through when my project starts beginning to look like what it’s going to be…”Look Momma!” ….”Wow baby! You’re doing a great job!” …who knows if she can even tell what it is yet! Haha!…Then I finish it up, iron it all and send her some awesome pictures! I love it! Sometimes I even call my sister and show her too! I love showing off my stuff. I get so excited when I think about the fact that I just produced something from merely nothing. THAT’S COOL people!

Number 4: When you realize it’s more fun to make things for other people as gifts than it is to sell it. I’ve tried selling my things, and I HAVE sold some things, and I don’t mind making things for people to buy for their friends or what not, but the longer I’ve tried to put together an Etsy shop or do craft shows, I’ve realized that I get bored with the projects and I want to do something different. I guess I think it is just more fun to make what seems exciting at the time and making it a surprise for someone who isn’t expecting it. Plus there isn’t anything more rewarding than seeing their face when they look at what you made them.

Number 3: When you dream about various projects. I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamt about a project. There are lots of times I have gotten up and made it. Other times I’ve just been like “well that was a cool idea on my part…” Either way, you know you’re passionate about something when you create even in your dreams! And I do that!! A lot.

Number 4: When you watch tutorials in your spare time or before bed…just because. I’ve always liked tutorials because they are REALLY helpful when you’re trying to make something, but I just watch them for fun. I’ve become really obsessed with Jenny Doan from the “Missouri Star Quilt Company” and realized how much I want to quilt! She inspired me to order all these fun quilting feet for my machine and I HAVE put them to use, and will be telling you about it soon! She’s just interesting to watch! But again, you know you’re passionate when you’re watching tutorials like they’re your favorite reality tv series. Cause whoa. Ridic.

Number 5: When you spend the entire day working on a project because when you get to a stopping point, you can’t help but think “well the next part won’t take THAT long…” It’s happened to me about….well basically every time I sew. I don’t even realize how much time is passing until I look at the clock and it’s like seven hours later! Oops! And I just don’t think there is any such thing as “A one hour _____” because it always takes way longer, I don’t care what they say!

That’s all I’ve got for you friends. Just wanted you to know how much I love it!