Sometimes I get the sewing blues. It’s like the moments when your house is a mess and needs cleaned so badly but all you can do is just stare at the mess and wish it would clean itself. Only I sit at my sewing machine and stare at it like it’s going to come up with an idea all by itself and start sewing something I’m going to love any minute.

I rearranged my sewing room to try to draw some inspiration but that didn’t work, so I sat at my machine and flipped through Pinterest for a bit but that didn’t do anything for me either. There’s a couple fabrics I bought for specific projects but I can’t conjour up the energy to make either one. Something WANTS to be made but it’s not calling out to me…so I sit here…

What’s a girl to do? Ya know? I just want to make something I am going to love…I’ve thought about making a pillow case for a new splash of spring on my couch but I’m not feeling that… I thought about making a case for my laptop, but that’s not it either. Start a quilt? HA! Too much cutting to even think about right now. SO MUCH FABRIC in here but nothing to make.

I feel like a character on the Sims with a little yellow diamond above my head (If you’ve never played The Sims, you’re missing out on virtual life.).

Hi, my name is Mandee and I have The Sewing Blues.