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babyCM Okay so, I’ve made so many of these little changing mats and basically everyone seems to love them. So I decided it would be good to make a tutorial on one. They’re fairly simple and they’re a nice project to do when you don’t want to spend forever working on something before you have a finished project. Instant gratification is my middle name…well two middle names…ha. First you’re going to need these supplies: – 2/3 a yard of your “main fabric” -1/2 a yard of your “pocket fabric” (Or you can buy extra of your main fabric if you want the whole mat to be the same. But I like to change it up. Get a little cray.) -2/3 a yard of batting -2/3 a yard of vinyl -Coordinating double fold bias tape (optional) -Elastic -Button -Coordinating Thread Okay first I chose my coordinating thread, which was white. I know, SO exciting, right? unnamed1 I spun a full bobbin before I got started so that I wouldn’t have to change it in the middle of the project cause everybody hates that. Seriously. Then I began cutting. The video tutorial I watched called for the 2 main pieces of 12inx23in but I like them a little bigger so I did 13inx24in. It’s totally up to you what you want. I just laid my fabric out folded and measured and cut and then opened it up and cut along the fold, that way I knew they would be the exact same size and I didn’t have to cut twice. unnamed And then I cut four rectangles. I cut the longer ones at 21x7in and the smaller ones at 15x7in. You’ll need two of each kind. unnamed (4) Measure and cut with the fold on one long side… unnamed (5)Open and cut along the fold. unnamed (6)Then you’ll have two rectangles…and you’ll do it twice remember, because you’ll have two long rectangles and two short rectangles!! After you have all your fabric cut out, you’ll need to cute your vinyl and your batting. What I did for this is grabbed one of my “main pieces” and laid it on top of each and cut with plenty extra left around the edges. See Below. unnamed (7) See on the top there how I left about an inch, I cut around it with that much to spare on all sides. You don’t have to do that but I think it leaves a little room for mistakes. unnamed (3) And see here…how there’s extra. Next you’re going to want to iron all your FABRIC pieces. DON’T iron your vinyl!!! And it’s really not a good idea to iron your batting either. But def iron all the fabric pieces! unnamed (10) unnamed (9) Then you’re getting to the fun part! It’s time to SEW!! So grab your two shorter rectangles (15×7) and fold them in half WRONG sides together! Iron. unnamed (11) Now this next part is optional but it looks a little more profesh if you add the bias tape. I made my own so it matched perfectly but you can also buy coordinating double fold bias tape and that works just fine too….this is the first time I’ve ever made my own. It’s pretty easy but I’m not going to get into that today! After you grab your bias tape, you’re going to put it on the folded end of your rectangle and pin! unnamed (16) unnamed (17) Then sew along, make sure you catch both sides! unnamed (19) unnamed (20) You cant really see the stitches but it’s sewn and I just used a straight stitch. Theeennnn, you’re going to need your longer rectangles, iron them in half just like you did with the shorter ones. But this time RIGHT sides together! That’s important!! unnamed (22) Then you’re going to lay your short rectangle inside with the raw edge lined up to the fold, and lay the other half of your long rectangle over top. You should have a little sandwich! Yum! And your little pieces of bias tape will be hanging out of both sides. Totes cool, don’t worry bout it. Then you’ll sew starting on the right side, down all the way and across the bottom and up the other side. I like to backstitch at the beginning and ending of this part. Next, you’ll trim around the edges! Be careful not to clip your seams! Also, I clip at an angle on my corners so they turn easier. 1 2 After you have them trimmed, you can flip it right side out!! Yay! Then all you need to do is iron them and make them look nice and polished! 3 4 You’ve officially completed the first part! Good Job! Now, you’re going to start assembling! So we are going to move on over to our main pieces of fabric and our batting. You’ll need both, and you’ll also need about 6 inches of elastic. She uses a “hair elastic” in the video tutorial. I found that it was way too hard to sew over and small thin, flat elastic works MUCH better and holds better. So grab those three things and we’ll move on. You’re going to want to lay down your batting first. Next lay one of your “main pieces” on top of that face up, so right side up towards your face! Haha! 5 Simple enough… Then you’re going to put your elastic piece in the middle of one short side. So you can measure or eyeball, whatever you feel best at doing. Then you’re going to stick the edges of your elastic toward the OUTSIDE of your mat, you want them hanging off the end a bit. Like this… 6See what I did there? I pinned it, so it stays for now! The next part is optional. I like to do it to give the clutch a nice curved look. You’ll use a plate and trace around those two corners on either side of your elastic, that way your clutch has a pretty round edge, like you’ll see in my finished picture…this is not required! But here’s what you do. 8 9 11 I just leave the extra batting at the top..no harm there, you’ll cut it off later. I suppose you could round the bottom two corners too if you wanted, but I don’t. Then you’ll pin your two pockets onto your piece. Two inches from the bottom (the short side without elastic) is where your first pocket will go, then one inch from that pocket is where your second pocket will go. 7 Notice there’s no elastic on that end…otherwise your project won’t work right! After you pin these little guys down, you’re going to lay your vinyl on top. Mine was really wrinkled, so I laid a towel that was folding in half over mine and just pressed it for a while, make sure the heat isn’t too hot. That should help get the wrinkles out! 12 Now it should look like this. After you lay your vinyl down, your going to lay your other main piece on top FACE DOWN!! The wrong side should be face up. 13 See you can tell mine is upside down! Line up your pieces and pin. Since you have trimmed those two top corners, after you pin, you may want to flip over your piece and trim using what you’ve already cut as your guide, that way you aren’t confused as you sew. 15 Pin all the way around EXCEPT for the bottom (short side that doesn’t have rounded edges). You don’t need to pin there because you’re NOT going to sew there. You have to leave that open to turn it right side out. And trust me, you’ll want the whole bottom open to turn it right side out because that vinyl makes it hard to turn. After you pin, you can sew! 16 Then you’ll be ready to trim! 22 17 Trim all the way around EXCEPT for the bottom! You’re going to want that so after you turn it right side out, you can fold it under and close it up nicely! You’re ready to turn! 25 After I turn it right side out, I use the towel trick again over the vinyl because it gets so wrinkly when you flip it. So leave your towel folded in half and use med-high heat. Watch your vinyl, make sure it doesn’t get too hot or melt! Then you’ll be ready to top stitch all the way around, I start at the middle of the bottom (short side). Then I just go all the way around and make sure NOT to catch a pocket on my way! Make sure you backstitch when you start and end! You don’t want it to come apart! Now, my friends,you are AAAALLLMOST done! You just have to sew a button on! You can throw a few diapers in one pouch and a wipe container in the other to measure where your button needs to go…OR if you don’t have babies at home and you’re making for someone else, I just use two mac&cheese boxes! Then when you sew it on try to only go through one layer of fabric so you can’t see your stiches on the inside of your mat. unnamedANXOCCK9 And now….YOU’RE DONE!! YIPPEE!! unnamed7AOK0M4E unnamedC32LB03P unnamedT5D9JAH1 Congrats, you just made a very awesome baby changing mat that transforms into an awesome clutch!! If you’re interested in watching the video that I watched in order to learn how to make this, you can view it by clicking this link. Thanks guys!! Stay tuned for more fun stuff!!