Omg! I’m SEW EXCITED to share with you that I got a new sewing room!! Yay! I have been working out of tiny little place that’s conjoined to my laundry room. I had truly outgrown the place and I have been begging my hubby for weeks to give up his office space and move it to our living area so I could have some more room. He finally caved!

I feel like I have more room than I know what to do with!

Here’s a picture of my original sewing room.

It was nice and cozy but very small. I had to pull out a card table everytime I wanted to sew in order to have room to cut my fabric. Then I had to put it away when I was done. Also, it never stayed as clean as it looks in this picture!! Don’t be fooled!

I had fabric in about 5 different places and couldn’t even tell you what all I had because it was spread out in weird spots, from Rubbermaid tubs to bags, to cabinets and cubbies. It was cray!

So…I began moving….


The more stuff I moved…the bigger the mess got…

The cat did join me in my move though. So that was nice…

She thought she was going to make her new home in my fabric cabinet. But she was wrooong.

It filled up quickly!! I couldn’t believe how much fabric I had! It was coming out of my ears, I swear!!

But I finally got everything situated and I am SO HAPPY!!

There’s still a couple more things I want to do and move/add but I don’t feel so cramped! It’s spectacular!!

I also made myself a makeshift ironing board since my other ironing board is attached to the laundry room door!

It was my first little project in the new room!! 😊

I also made Riley some new pajama shorts since the weather is getting warmer…

They turned out so cute! I love them!!! Last but not least I made my mom a diaper changing mat to keep at her house for the grand-kids. I wanted something gender-neutral. And I wanted it to be a little funky! I was stoked at how adorable it came out!!

Crazy cute, right???

Sew much thanks to my hubby for giving up his space to give me more!! And double thumbs up for a new sewing room and some new inspiration!! Yay!!