Alrighty, the last adventure I took you on was the adventures of the good, the bad and the ugly of the quilts of Christmas Past…well…and present. Whatever you know what I mean.

So I am going to share with you what I’m currently working on in the little spare time I find every now and then. It’s apparently called a “Disappearing 9 Patch.” Fancy, eh? But when I learned about this fancy technique, I have to admit I was a little mind blown. I guess I always assumed that quilters cut out each tiny little piece in whatever shape and sew them together perfectly one by one by one. Well my quilter-bubble was burst when I learned that they have SEW many tricks up their sleeves. Here you go ladies and gents…Here’s to:

You can see in the photo above how there is one large square, two rectangles and one small square in each quilt block. Now what I was saying earlier was that I thought they cut each of those pieces separately. And THAT’S where I was wrong!

So, I decided that I have WAY too many scraps up in my sewing room. So I’m doing this quilt top with them. I love that I’m finding a use for fabric I may not ever find another use for. The funny thing is, I just gave away quit a few of my scraps to someone else! I still have so much!
It’s like exploding out of the laundry basket it’s in! Ridiculous! So I picked out some pieces that had at least 5″x5″ somewhere on it, whether I could only get one square out of the scrap or 10 or 12. And I began cutting 5″ squares.
unnamed4 unnamed

I’m using all scraps on this quilt, so all my pieces are mixed matched in pattern, but they are all 5″ square. Then you make 3 rows of three. It will look like this:


So, you could totally just keep going like this and make your entire quilt out of just squares if thats what you want…but there is some pretty cool options here. What I have done is cut down the center from both directions…


Only I try to do it way more straight than the lines I drew on this picture! Haha!!
Once you’ve cut it both ways then you’re left with 4 blocks that look much more intricate than your regular old quilt square. Am I right though? I’m right! Like these:

Pretty sweet huh? what I have learned, is that ironing is VERY important in this process. You basically do more ironing than sewing! Haha! Also, if you’re using a rotary cutter, be careful. I have cut myself 3 times with that thing and it does NOT feel good! =(

Anywho, my little top is slowly coming together! I’ll be keeping you guys up to date as I go!


Hope you enjoyed!