I haven’t posted in a while! I’m sorry for that, but I haven’t had a chance to sew in a while either, I’ve been so busy with school! I did manage to make some time this weekend, as I had promised a couple people some projects I would do for them! So here they are…(Drumroll PLEASE!)


One of them was a changing mat…I know, I know, you’ve seen them before. It turned out really cute though! She wanted something “country” for a girl. She picked the gray fabric which I liked but I suggested we do handkerchief pattern for the pockets to add a little umph to the project! Now, I kind of wish I would have embroidered the name onto one of the pockets, because the baby’s name is Ruby…It would have been cute, but oh well.

unnamed1 unnamed unnamed4 unnamed3 unnamed2

I do love it though! =)

My next project was a rice bag…I’ve made about a million of them…They don’t take TOO long to make but they’re just kind of….boring and exhausting…and they get REALLY heavy, especially when you’re trying to put it through a machine! But I’ve figured out how to make it easier on myself since I’ve made  so many! Haha! They are pretty much the best things in the winter time when you’re cold. I love them! I need to post the one I made for my husband…It’s legit! Anywho…

They said it could be any fabric….I wonder how crazy they’ll think it is! Hahaha!!

That’s all folks!

Hope you have a great week!