There are so many times that I just want to be sewing…but can’t. It happens a lot when I need to do something else…like laundry or dishes…or homework. I hate homework. I have two papers to write this weekend. I don’t want to write papers. I want to work on my quilt that I haven’t been able to touch for like 2 weeks.

I wish I had the time to start an etsy shop. I would love to make that my full time job. Etsy and craft fairs. Heck, I’d take my machine with me to the craft fairs and sew away!

Today I saw a Singer Sewing Machine on Amazon Deal of the Day. OH. MY. GOSH. I NEEEEEED it. I’m a Brother girl. Both of my sewing machines are Brothers, but this machine, you guys, it is SO cool. It looks kind of vintage, but it’s also computerized. I NEED IT. I need ALL machines. I’m the weird one who sees sewing machines on swap/resale sites and am like, “OMG it’s only $50, I need that. No one else deserves it but me because I’ll love it and take care of it…and give it a good home in a nice little sewing room.” I know. I’m weird. Quit judging me.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.01.15 AM
his is the one that’s on Amazon. I NEEEED it so badly (I also have trouble deciphering the significance between needing and wanting things. You shouldn’t judge me for that either.)!! But seriously, is it not beautiful? It’s so sleek and modern but retro looking at the same time!! It’s just a pretty machine, and it belongs in my own hands.

I obsess….uh, I mean DIGRESS….I have been doing some pinterest research lately on things to make, I haven’t found anything spectacular. I do owe a couple people some diaper changing mats, but I’ve made so many, I just want to make something awesome. Also, I’m really into quilting right now, and I just keep thinking, what if I make all these quilts, what am going to do with them?? I already have, like seriously, 30 blankets in my house. I don’t have a place for them all, I have them on beds (obviously), in trunks (more than one), and on blanket racks (TWO)….and I still have like 4 or 5 rather large blankets that don’t have a place, I really don’t need more…but I wanna make them. What’s a girl to do? First. World. Problems. I have weird attachments to blankets (again, no judging here).

I want to throw a SEW PARTY. But who wants to attend that? Like, I have very few friends who REALLY like sewing enough to even attend, and thats a maybe even then. I would make food, and everyone could bring their machines and we could laugh together and sew like we were from the 1950’s. I would even wear lipstick.

Last night I dreamt about sewing. I was making a disappearing 9-patch like I’ve posted before but AFTER I cut them into the new squares, I used THOSE squares to make a half-square-triange (you can totes look that up if you don’t know what it is) and in my brain, it turned out REALLY cool. Probably going to have to try that soon. I also want to make a chevron quilt. Jenny Doan makes a really pretty one, and we all know how much I love Jenny Doan. I want to meet her. So. Bad.

I should probably go.

That’s all folks!