Okay, so I didn’t sew this cute little throw pillows today….I made them last night. Buuuut Jimmy looks SOOOO CUTE! Does she not!?

So my amazing husband bought me the Singer 90S I was obsessing over in my last post…you know, this one… 


Can you believe it?! It was the bigges surprise EVER!! He sold his precious PS3 for me. That’s how much he loves me!!! This beauty is truly a piece of art. I love how it’s vintage style is incorporated with all of it’s really awesome technology. Not to mention the fact that it came with almost every pressor foot you can imagine.

I haven’t had much time to figure out ALL the things it can but I am really loving it so far! I had a whole lot of trouble threading it for some reason, and I was getting frustrated…my husband came over and offered to help. Yes…I laughed on the inside. But I took his help, turns out he figured it out fairly quickly!  


I don’t know what he did differently than me, but whatever it was, it worked! Haha! I then just started playing around with a scrap piece of fabric, trying to see all the stitches it could do, I didn’t try them all but here’s a few… 


Flowers, hearts, and arrows are just some of the regular decorative stitches! Crazy eh? 

I jumped in full force after that and decided I needed some new throw pillows because the ones I have were ones I made in a hurry and they’re falling apart. I decided not only to make new covers BUT I was going to put a zipper in it too!! Yikes! Not much on zippers as I’ve only ever done it once and I totally screwed up…remember? The tote bag I made for my brother? Yeah. Eeek! And I’m doing it on a BRAND NEW machine that I know almost nothing about! But I pulled up a tutorial on zippers and got to work! And I gotta say, I’m pretty proud of how nicely they turned out!  


See! The zipper!!! 😊 After this I did another one that wasn’t so form fitting and I tried to get pictures but Miss Jimmy, my cat, was not having pictures.  

     Haha! Silly kitty! She then proceeded to lay on my cutting mat after all that! 


Good thing I was done sewing by then! Anywho! That’s my Cat Saturday for you! Hope your weekend is beautiful!