So I didn’t make nearly as many gifts this year for Christmas as I did last year, or as many as I wanted to anyway. I was just overwhelmed with school and work and blah blah blah. But I did manage to get a few things that are super cool and one project was rather large and time consuming which took away from my time to be able to do more little things for more people. So I did have to turn to Amazon to find gifts this year, but it was kind of fun to shop around on there….stores aren’t my thing.

Anywho!! I bet you’re excited to see what I did! Or at least I hope you are! I am excited to show you, anyway. Here goes!

First things first, my hubby bought me a wood-burning kit. Now, I thought before he purchased it for me, this will be fun and a good way to make some cool things. But I really didn’t realize all the stuff I could do with it until after I got onto pinterest and youtube to see what all the possibilities were. This was my first project for my dad.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.22.03 AM 

I wanted something simple but fun and I wanted some cool fonts. I found the quote on pinterest and a general idea and then free handed it onto the wood and signed it. Dad loved it! Win!

Then I made these cute little ornaments for the kiddos. I found the wooden ornaments at walmart for 97 cents! Can’t get much better than that!! Then I took my wood burner to them and added some little details and their names with the year! I thought they turned out so cute for something SUPER cheap and easy.



Last but not least in the wood burning section, I made these wood burned plaque pictures for my mommy. I’m only putting the one of Riley because I’m not sure where the other two of my niece and nephew are. However, they were all this style of photograph. They took FOREVER, but they were totally worth it. I had fun doing it and learned new things about wood burning along the way. Win Win!!


Next up! FELT FOOD! I became seriously obsessed with felt food. If you have ever looked up felt food then you probably know how INCREDIBLE some pieces are, so don’t judge mine too harshly! I made this for Riley to go with another project we did that I will show you later. But I couldn’t stop. I still don’t want to stop, I have SO much felt at home now.


Popsicles with their own little wrapper….Cute right? This was one of my favs.


Sandwich goodies. I also made pickles, onion and bread to go with this set, not pictured here.


PizzaFelt FrenchFryFelt

Personal pan pizza!! That took FOREVER! Seriously! But I wrapped it up in a personal pan pizza hut box and it turned out so cute! And some french fries, because who doesn’t love french fries?! Am I right?



CupcakeFelt Cookiefelt Cookie2Felt CheezitFelt

Snacks on snacks on snacks! Some sugar cookies, a cupcake and some cheez-its! Cause YUMMY!!


And everyone needs breakfast to start their day! How about some pancakes with eggs and bacon? I made the eggs just small enough to fit in an easter egg, so he has a half dozen easter eggs that he can “crack open” like a real egg to get the yoke out! Cute right?

Felt. Food. Frenzy.


For stuff that I made that required the most sewing… came down to little girls stuff because there are thousands of millions of ideas for little girls on pinterest and thats where I shop for all my ideas! You know I’m not just creative on my own, right? I’m not THAT brilliant! =) Anywho, Eliott and I got Hayden a kitchen for her birthday back in August. It’s a little teal retro style kitchen for little people. It’s adorable. SO I thought I should probably make her an apron to go with it! So I did! AND I made it reversible!

Apron2 Apron1

It’s kind of hard to tell but her initials are on the pockets. She LOVED IT! Funny story though…I made her little flower on there the same way I made Riley’s cupcake frosting with felt. She had been playing around with the cupcakes before she opened her apron. So when she did open her apron she kept saying “It has a cupcake!! It has a cupcake!” It was too cute! I’ve gotta make the girl some of her own cupcakes!

Then I made Heidi a little pinafore and got her a top and some leggings to go underneath so she could wear it in the winter. It turned out so cute, I love it!


Ignore the scraps of fabric that fell on the floor! Haha!!


We made Riley a Kitchen and Science lab!! It’s made out of an old entertainment center. The thing took forever and I don’t know that I’d be interested in making something similar ever again, BUT it was totally worth it. He just absolutely LOVES the thing and was so excited. The kid is obsessed with science experiments. My mom got him a lab coat and he wore it ALL of Christmas Day. Too Precious.

Lab1 Lab2 Lab3 LabRiley Labcoat

Seriously isn’t he too cute though?! It is complete with a fridge/freezer, stove top, oven, and sink, and microwave, along with some storage space! He also got an easy-bake oven and a microscope, along with a lava lamp and beakers, cupcake tins and trays. He’s ALL set to cook or do experiments and he’s pretty happy!


I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are having a Super New Year!