Every time I do laundry…there’s always that basket that has a blanket or two…or three in it. I seriously have so many blankets. I always hated growing up when I would sleep over somewhere, and there weren’t enough blankets. Waking up cold is the worst. I guess it had to have happened to me more than once at someone else’s house because I remember making a pact to myself that when I had my own home, I would always have enough blankets for guests too, just in case. I hate being cold.

Well here I am just, you know, adulting, or whatever you’re doing when you are 24 with a kid and a husband, & working full time, and I have this house FULL of blankets. There are TOO MANY. “But Mandee, why is that a problem?” BECAUSE! Guys, it’s a problem because we don’t even have company that often and I have so many blankets that I don’t even know what to do with them, I’m out of space to store them!! I have like 4 quilts/comforters for my bed alone! Riley has 3! Obviously we only use them one at a time unless like…I don’t know it gets apocalyptically cold outside. Then I also have like hoards of throw blankets, probably at least 10. And THEN I have quilts, a quilt I made, quilts that are family heirlooms, or knitted/crocheted blankets from special loved ones. So many blankets. I have two blanket racks, one couch, and 2 beds in our house. I don’t have room for anymore blankets and somehow we managed to buy another throw for Riley the other day because……..soooo soft. *insert me rubbing my face on the softest blanket ever*

So what do I do? I mean they either all mean something or…I have some weird sentimental attachment to them. Do you have a better way to store blankets? Or how do you make yourself cut those sentimental ties?…because it’s so hard for me. I’d LOVE to de-clutter my house a little, but I swear I have some sort of attachment-syndrome. I probably still have McDonald’s toys from my childhood somewhere…

End Ramblings